digital copywriting sample 6

Digital Copywriting Portfolio Sample 6

Ken was a special education teacher by day, and a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor by night. Although he loved his day job, what he really wanted was to teach martial arts full-time. He approached me to help him develop a direct response website for his martial arts studio. I created a simple design that would showcase…

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web copywriting sample 5

Web Copywriting Portfolio Sample 5

When Antebellum Fence was launching their new line of decorative aluminum fence products, they needed someone who could design, deploy, and optimize their corporate website… and “fill-in-the-blanks” where their website sales copy was concerned. I created their site and adapted their existing brochure copy for use on the web. Click here to view work sample

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digital copywriting sample 4

Digital Copywriting Portfolio Sample 4

This is a sales letter and direct response website design I did for a large mixed martial arts center in New York. The owner wanted to replace the their website with something that would get higher conversion rates and better search rankings. The new sales letter and web page I designed and wrote beat the…

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web copywriting sample 3

Web Copywriting Portfolio Sample 3

This is a short-form sales letter for a Crossfit-type gym and martial arts center. The challenge in writing this page was to present a positive image and set a welcoming tone in the copy, while still presenting all the services the client offers. I also designed the direct response website template and artwork for this…

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digital copywriting sample 2

Digital Copywriting Portfolio Sample 2

This is a home page sales letter for a resume writing and editing service. Click here for work sample

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