Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my site look like the demo?

A: It will be similar, but not exactly like the demo site. Each site is designed to be unique. However, your site can be customized with all or just one of the home page sections, and the other pages are representative of the actual website you’ll receive. Of course, your site will be customized with your own logo, images (we can substitute stock photos if you don’t have any), and content. And, if you want your site to look like one of the recent client site links above, just let us know.

Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It’s a web marketing specialization that focuses on getting websites ranked in the search engine results pages (mostly Google, but also Bing and Yahoo as well).

Q: What is included in the different SEO packages for each website plan?

A: The Silver Plan comes with our Basic SEO Package, which includes on-site optimization of all your content, including your home page and the internal pages we create for your site. We’ll also make sure your new site gets indexed (included) in the Google search engine results, an important step to ensuring that your site eventually shows up on the first page of Google when people are searching for martial arts in your area.

The Gold Plan come with our Advanced SEO Package, which includes the on-site optimization you’d get with the Silver Plan, plus we do an extensive off-site linking campaign that is proprietary to our service. This means that you’ll be getting link juice from important sites other than your own, that will help boost your Google rankings.

The Platinum Plan includes our Deluxe SEO Package, which includes all of the above, plus an ongoing monthly SEO campaign that is proprietary to our service. For the life of your website, we’ll continue to work to boost your local rankings in Google and other search engines, so your site will continue to creep up the search engine rankings for the most important local keyword searches.

Q: Why do I need you to do my SEO? Can’t I do it myself?

A: While that may have been true a few years ago, SEO has been gradually increasing in complexity and difficulty as Google and the other search engines seek to make their search results more relevant for consumers. Google has been penalizing sites that use outdated SEO tactics and “tricks” for the last few years, and many business owners who have tried the DIY and bargain basement approaches have suffered the consequences.

However, I (Mike Massie) have been doing SEO for over ten years. I completed one of the first SEO certifications that was made available to the public over ten years ago, and since that time I’ve kept up with changes in the industry. I spend a considerable amount of time and resources keeping up with trends in SEO and search engine ranking tactics and techniques, and I know how to get a site ranked safely without risking harsh Google penalties that can hurt your business permanently.

Q: What about video?

A: We can embed your video in place of the slider on the home page. Also, if you purchase the Platinum Package, we will create a custom video for your school and embed it on your website.

Q: What if I need a custom logo?

A: Custom logo design is available starting at a one-time $199 fee.

Q: I use (aWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.) autoresponder service and I’d like to integrate it with my website.

A: If you’ll supply us with the embed code, we’ll embed your autoresponder form into your website at no additional charge. Be advised that if we have to create a custom form additional design fees will apply.

Q: What if I already have hosting?

A: For technical reasons and to avoid needless delays in getting your site online, all sites must be hosted on our own servers.

Q: What if I already have my own domain name?

A: Great! We’ll make sure it points to your website once your new site is online

Q: I understand you have payment plans?

A: Yes, we do. I’ve worked with martial art schools for 15 years, and I know how tight things can be for new and struggling school owners. I also understand that it’s hard to grow your school if you don’t present a professional image. That’s why payment plans are now standard on all website packages.

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