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From: Mike Massie
Date: Monday 8:37 am

Doesn’t it suck to struggle month after month to get new students?

Of course it does… and when you see people flocking to the McDojo down the street, it’s enough to make you want to go dojo-storming!

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Here’s What Gets Students…

What you need to get students today is online marketinggood online marketing, and that starts with a professionally-designed website that gets tons of traffic and that turns visitors into leads and students.

Already have that covered?

Great! You’re one of the fortunate few…

But if you don’t then you need to get on that, pronto!

Of course, you could hire one of those run-of-the-mill martial arts web design companies to build your school website… but then you have to deal with:

  • Spending hundreds of dollars month-after-month on a site you don’t really own (more on this in a minute)
  • A website that looks just like everyone else’s (when what you really need is a STAND-OUT site)
  • And boring, ineffective sales copy that does NOTHING to convince people to contact your school…

Yeah, you could do that – but I know a better way…

And Just What Does Mike Massie Know About Online Marketing?

Mike Massie online marketing expertIn case you haven’t heard this story yet, here’s what happened that forced me to become an online marketing guru…

A little more than ten years ago, I wrote this little book you might have heard of, Small Dojo Big Profits.

Now, I knew it wouldn’t get picked up by a major publisher (too controversial) so I decided to self-publish. Then, I realized that I needed to market the darned thing, or it would languish in obscurity.

Spending big bucks on expensive print ads was out, so I decided to market it online.

I took a load of online classes and college courses in web design, copywriting, and search engine optimization, and spent hundreds of hours applying what I learned as I marketed my book.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast-forward a few years… I’d opened my second school in 2005 and a year later things were going so well that I decided to expand, getting a bigger location and nearly tripling my overhead.

Then, BOOM! The bottom fell out of the housing market, and the economy crashed hard in my local area. Again, I needed to do some highly effective marketing, and fast, but on a shoestring budget.

So, I took everything I’d learned in marketing Small Dojo Big Profits, and applied it to marketing my school.

Surprise! What used to cost me thousands to do each month, I could do online for under $200 bucks a month (and spending that was optional).

And that’s how online marketing saved my school, and how I became an expert in online marketing strategies and methods for martial art schools.

Don’t Let A Lack of Online Marketing Know-How Sink Your School!

Look, I’ve helped hundreds of martial art schools with their marketing, and if there’s one thing I know it’s this –

Without killer online marketing that combines professional website design with mind-blowing copywriting and an insanely effective lead capture system…

…you’re sunk! I mean dead in the water, put a fork in you cuz’ you’re done – that’s how badly you need professional web marketing for your school.

It’s no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. And if I know you like I know 99.99% of the other martial arts school owners I’ve worked with, you have zero experience or expertise in marketing your school online.

But not to fear, because I definitely have the solution to your online marketing conundrum. Yes, my fellow martial arts instruction entrepreneurs, there’s a cure for the common martial arts website…

And the best part is, now anyone can afford to have a mind-blowing martial arts website for their school!

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Client Testimonial

Dusty Everson testimonial pic“Michael Massie is a wealth of marketing know-how and has a creative mind for web design. Being a school owner for over 30 years I started a business on consult, I went to Michael after buying one on his E-books. I was impressed!

I hired Michael to design a web site for me… He is very easy to work with. Whenever I have a marketing or web-site question or need to consider different avenues, Michael is the first, and usually last, point of contact for me. The ideas just keep coming!”

Dusty Everson
Everson’s Karate and Martial Art Business Mastery

Killer Custom Martial Arts School Marketing Websites is the solution to ALL your online martial arts marketing needs.

Name an online marketing technology that’s vital to marketing your business online, and your Killer Custom Martial Arts School Marketing Website has it covered:

  • Website marketing? You got it…
  • Social media marketing? It’s integrated…
  • Email marketing? That’s integrated too…
  • Blogging? You betcha!
  • SEO? Yes, we have search engine optimization covered as well…

Here’s Some Examples of Our Work And What Our Clients Are Saying About Their Results:

And, you can get all of this (plus much more) delivered in a website that you own, 100%!

“Who Else Wants to Get More Leads, Free Exposure From Google, and a Steady Stream of New Students?”

The lifeblood of your school can be summed up in three words: leads, leads, leads. As any experienced school owner will tell you, turnover can take a toll on your cash flow, making things difficult on you financially from month to month…

But what if you could turn that equation on its head, and make getting leads and students a sure thing?

Think about it, if you can predict how many leads you get from your website each month, and you know it’s more than enough for your school to replace your turnover (and then some!) then your money worries are over.

Not only that, but a professional martial arts website can do so much more for your school:

  • Get a steady stream of FREE leads each and every month from your website!
  • Automate 90% of the process of following up with clients and getting them in the door (all the heavy lifting is done) –
  • Make a FANTASTIC first impression on potential new clients (a must in the digital age) –
  • And, give your school a “home base” online where you can easily post news, events, curriculum, videos, and more!

Can other martial art school websites do all that? Sure, but there’s just one not-so-small problem…

Would You Buy A Car If You Had To Pay For It… Forever?

Of course not, because you don’t want to pay for something you’re never going to own…

But did you know that when you buy a martial art school website from some of our competitors, that you aren’t really “buying” it?

Nope, you’re renting it… which may sound like a fantastic idea, until you run the numbers:

  • Year 1 total cost of a website at $100/mo: $1,200.00
    • Year 1 total cost of a website at $300/mo: $3,600.00
  • Year 2 cost of a website at $100/mo: $2,400.00
    • Year 2 total cost of a website at $300/mo: $7,200.00
  • Year 3 cost of a website at $100/mo: $3,600.00
    • Year 3 total cost of a website at $300/mo: $10,800.00

And at year 10…

  • Year 10 cost of a website at $100/mo: $12,000.00
    • Year 10 total cost of a website at $300/mo: $36,000.00!!!


I don’t know about you, but to me twelve-grand is a lot of money, and $36K, well, that’s my son’s college investment fund.

Once you look at the numbers, you can see how renting a website is a lot like buying a car and then paying for it for as long as you own it…

And not only that, but in many cases you don’t even own your domain name, which makes for a sticky situation when you decide you’re done with making those payments.

From a money standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense!

But the good news is, there’s a better way –

Here’s How To Explode Your School’s Enrollment…
Without Owing Money to a Web Design Company for Life!

Look, you know you need an amazing website and a comprehensive online marketing system to grow your school…

But you don’t want to have to pay for it for the rest of your life, right?

Here’s the good news:

You can get all that and more with your Killer Custom Martial Art School Marketing Website… and have it paid off up front (or in just a few years if you’re on a tight budget!)

So, you’ll get…

  • a KILLER marketing website
  • CUSTOM graphics and design
  • PROFESSIONALLY-WRITTEN martial arts sales copy
  • and, INTEGRATION with the major social media sites and the industry-leading blogging software!

Ready to get started? Then listen up, because there’s something you need to know…

Unfortunately, I Can Only Take A Limited Number of New Clients!

Because I work one-on-one with every Killer Custom Martial Arts Website client, I am only able to take a few new clients at a time.

So, while you’re trying to decide whether you can afford a new website, someone else is taking your place in my client queue…

And that’s why you need to get in on this offer and get your site ordered RIGHT NOW.

Hesitation will result in you having to wait another month until I have more openings for new clients, and that means another month of wondering how you’re going to replace the students you lost last month…

Why not end your martial arts marketing worries today?

  • Get more students, easier than you ever thought possible –
  • Make an amazing first impression on every prospective person who visits your site –
  • Deliver an unbelieveable (but highly enticing) value proposition to potential students –
  • And, elevate the perceived value of your programs in your community!

Who doesn’t want their school to shine online?

Client Testimonial

Jim Mahan testimonial“The most important thing I have done for my business this year was to have Mike completely redesign our website. We had the same site for a few years and the content and sales copy was just not pulling in leads. We hired Mike to redesign the entire site from the long sales copy, blog and site template. It was the best thing we have done! Our new lead capture materials and new sales page has shot up our leads 85%. If you’re not getting 30 leads a month just from your site, you need Mike!”

— Jim Mahan, Absolute Self-Defense & Fitness, Killeen, TX

In this digital marketing age, everyone needs to have killer online marketing, and that’s what you’ll get.

Let’s take a look at what’s included…

Here’s Everything You’ll Get In Your Killer Custom Martial Arts Marketing Website Package

Your Online Martial Arts
Marketing System Includes:
Custom Website Design: We will completely customize your website design and graphics, and custom code your website [papertemplate-stack=”499″]
5-Page Custom Website: You get five pages included in your website package to use however you like (and you can add more for FREE using the content management system…) [papertemplate-stack=”499″]
Content Management Platform: Allows you to update and edit your own website content any time you like (easier than using MS Word) [papertemplate-stack=”199″]
Custom Professional Copywriting: You’ll get a completely custom and original sales letter written for your home page – one that will convert visitors to leads and students! [papertemplate-stack=”999″]
Email Marketing System and Lead Capture: You’ll get a lead capture and automated email follow-up system integrated with your website [papertemplate-stack=”199″]
Content Revisions: You’ll get unlimited content revisions within the first 30 days your site goes live online [papertemplate-stack=”249″]
SEO: What good is a site if no one sees it? You’ll get expert search engine optimization on your home page and five pages of your site, so your site gets indexed and seen in Google, Bing, and Yahoo [papertemplate-stack=”499″]
Social Media Integration: We’ll make sure you have all the bells and whistles on your site, including social media “like and share” buttons, your Facebook widget, Tweet buttons, and more… [papertemplate-stack=”299″]
A Complete Online Marketing Plan, with Coaching: We’ll coach you on exactly what to do to get the most from your online marketing system, and provide you with a written game-plan so you know exactly what to do! [papertemplate-stack=”499″]
Total Real World Value:

Your One-Time Cost:
Just $1,495

And It Comes with This Three-Times The Cost
“I Work Until You’re Satisfied” Priority Guarantee!

My goal is to make certain you’re completely satisfied with your Killer Custom Martial Arts School Marketing Website. My guarantee to you is that I’ll keep working for you for free until your site is on the first page of Google for “your town+your martial arts style” keyword searches…

And, I’ll keep working for you for free until your website pays for itself 3x over. That means that if you charge $150 a month for lessons, I’ll keep working for you until you get 30 new students from your website!

So, I’ll keep working on your copy, your offer, your email system, and your SEO until your site has paid for itself three times over what you paid for it.

But I’m so confident you’ll be satisfied, I’m sure you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished in your studio after getting your Killer Custom Martial Arts School Marketing Website!

Priority Killer Custom
Martial Arts Website Order Form

YES! I want a KILLER Custom website to send me a tidal wave of leads and new students!

  • I understand I will be billed $1,495.00 today to reserve my Killer Custom Martial Art School Marketing Website
  • I will receive individual attention and outstanding customer service as my completely unique, one-of-a-kind martial arts online marketing system is being created by our expert team
  • My order is backed up by Modern Digital Marketing’s “We Keep Working Until You’re Satisfied” 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
P.S. Once we receive your order, we’ll email you instructions for how to get started. In order to avoid delaying your order, be sure to include your email address when you check out!

P.P.S. The seal to the right means your credit card information is safe with us. Feel free to click it to verify.

P.P.P.S. Can’t pay the whole thing at once? Call me at (512) 535-6858 with your credit card info and I’ll work out a payment plan with you. And leave a message if I don’t answer – I stay very busy, but I will return your call promptly. Please, no tire-kickers; I only have time for serious, paying clients!

Credit Card Online Payments

*Other terms: Additional work requested by client that is not specified in this document to be billed at $150/hour in fifteen minute increments. You’ll be responsible for buying your domain name (, for your hosting fees, and for your aWeber or other autoresponder account fees. From the time I start working on your site (after payment has been made and all deliverables have been received), estimated delivery of completed site will be within 4-6 weeks; all project completion dates are estimates and there are no guarantees of project completion date. Deposits and all other payments are non-refundable. All sales final.

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