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Before we can get started on your site, we’re going to need some information as well as any artwork and photos you want on your site. Of course, we can get started on your site design with just your logo, but it’s best if you send any images you want in the header (at the top of the site) as well.

NOTE: We do not purchase domains or host websites for our clients. Here’s why – if we purchase it for you, that means we own it, not you. That’s good for us, but not good for you, because then you lose control of your website (remember what I said on the sales page about renting your site? No bueno!) So, you are going to have to spend a little extra to get your domain, hosting, and email autoresponder account set up under your ownership. This is not so we can save money; it’s so you own your site.

Here’s what we need:

  1. Your name, primary email address, and your contact phone number
  2. Your Business Name
  3. Your Business Phone
  4. Your Business Email
  5. Your Business Address (for Google Maps)
  6. Your Class Schedule
  7. Your Domain Name and Domain Registrar Account Login. (If you do not have a domain name, go to and get one using this formula: – for example, or or or DO NOT GET ANY OTHER TYPE OF DOMAIN except a .com, and don’t purchase any extras because you don’t need them; all you need is the domain. You may have to try a few domain variations before you get what you want. Once you have it, send us the domain account login ID and password so we can set the domain up properly. Send it at the same time you send your hosting account information.)
  8. Your Hosting Account login information (If you don’t have a hosting account for your site, go to – they are the only hosting company we recommend, because they are inexpensive and reliable. $5 a month for unlimited web hosting. Get your account, then send us the login ID and password so we can get into your hosting account and set it up properly.)
  9. Your aWeber account login ID and password. (If you don’t have an aWeber account, go to and set one up. That link will get you your first month for $1. This is the system that we’ll set up your lead capture forms and automated email follow-up through. While this is the biggest additional expense (about $20 a month) it’s also the most vital for your online marketing. Also, it allows you to send out snazzy email newsletters like the ones I send out every month from, so that’s an added bonus.)
  10. Your images and logo. (Need a logo? Let us know and we’ll take care of it for you, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. That’s a surprise bonus worth $150, on us. Just give us a concept with links to logos you like and let us know what you want on it, and we’ll handle the rest. It takes about a week to turn around a proof, so be patient if you need a logo.)

Remember, until you send us your information, we cannot get started on your website…

Be sure to include your
Name and Primary Email
with your information.

Send your information to

Once we have your information, we’ll schedule a time with you to speak over the phone to verify the info you sent and to discuss your site. If you have any questions, be sure to write them down so we can discuss them at that time. Thanks again for your order, and we look forward to providing you with Killer Custom Martial Arts School Marketing Website!

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