Here’s a small sample of the positive feedback we’ve received from our clients:

A Couple of Leads a Day…

“It’s great. It seems like we are getting a couple of leads a day!”
Carlos Archila, Lake County BJJ

“Sold Four On There Just Today”

“Here’s some interesting stats – we sold 5 Kickboxing passes in May through our old site… Mike the new site looks great, sold four on there just today… Great Job! Now with the new site I’m sure we will just kill it. If you ever need a testimonial please let us know. Again thanks.”
Mike Bidwell, Tai-Kai Kickboxing, Syracuse, NY

“94 Opt-Ins Since You Helped Me”

Approximately 94 opt-ins since you helped me with the site. I also had numerous conversions (don’t know the exact number). Since January 1st, I’ve enrolled an average of about 45 contracts per 30 day period. I’m sure that your help and advice was integral in this and I hope that it continues.”
Gary Berger, Baltimore Martial Arts

“16 Students Since February 1st”

“…the past month and a half has been great! We’ve had more leads than we’ve had ever in a 6 week period and have enrolled 16 new students since February 1st. This is huge for us, because we usually enrolled 2-4 people a month previously. Thanks for all your help with that!”

Marco Fiorentino, On Mission Martial Arts, Orlando, FL

“Went From Page 11-15 to Page One”

“We went from page 11-15 to page one for our most important search terms. We would highly recommend that anyone looking to improve their web presence should contact Modern Digital Marketing.”
Margueritte Gilvey and David Estes, AK Karate and Fitness, San Diego, CA

“I Love It!”

“I love it! It’s a good feeling to work with someone who cares and takes pride in their work. I’m glad to have you in my corner.”
Dusty Everson, MartialArtBusinessMastery.com

“Mike Massie Knows How To Get You Leads”

” I contacted Mike to design a lead capture site for my small Brazilian jiu-jitsu school. I was shocked at how quickly I was at the top of Google. Mike Massie knows how to get you leads.
Steve Adornato, Adornato Jiu-Jitsu

“We Owned The Top 7 Listings”

“The SEO and web page design that I received from Modern Digital Marketing and Mike were very impressive.

The consultation and initial work done on the site was very quick and thorough. Within 7-10 days of our site being live, we “owned” the top 7 listing for our search terms on Google.

Very well worth our money and will do business with Mike again. I would definitely recommend Modern Digital Marketing to anyone who needs web graphic design or internet marketing placement.”
Jim Mahan, Absolute Self-Defense & Fitness, Killeen, TX

“Many More Visits Than I Was Getting”

“I would like to recommend Michael for his very knowledgeable and practical approach to internet SEO and marketing. He successfully upgraded the web site I was using at the time to something that would draw (and did) many more visits than I was getting at a very reasonable cost.”
Keith Sonnenburg, Wing Tsun Arizona

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